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Take Your Classroom to a LIVE Journey

Have you ever wished there was another way to immerse your students in real-world discussions? Docademia has been working on a movement that does just this through film! We’re educators from underrepresented communities who bring untold, diverse stories of marginalized people to life in classrooms (at no cost to faculty members).

Alongside documentaries, we conduct LIVE video chats in your class with international filmmakers to create transformative learning experiences. Learn more about this social initiative by watching a two-minute video, or listening to our Chicago NPR interview.

2,800+ independent filmmakers from 112 countries said YES to our call-to-action by submitting their films to join the conversation. We now invite YOU, the educators and faculty members, to say YES to sharing these voices with your students.

Join us and Take Your Classroom Around the World by submitting your syllabi. We plan to improve our documentary inventory’s variety; so, with every syllabus we get to make sure we can give you a well-made addition to your lessons.
Submit now for getting a chance to have access to all of our films for a whole year, and win one of the 15 Docademia research prizes ($500 or $1000) in April 2019!

If you can’t submit a syllabus, don’t worry, just complete this form. Your submission stays confidential in our platform.

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