Short Documentary Challenge FAQ

What is Docademia Short Documentary Challenge?

The Docademia Short Documentary Challenge is a platform that provides an opportunity for independent filmmakers and social advocates to present their socio-educational documentaries. The best films will be offered to colleges and universities as supplementary teaching materials.

What prizes can I win?

The top three films will receive cash prizes of $1000, $500, and $250. Selectees will also be able to collect royalties on their films through a non-exclusive distribution deal.

Who can participate in Docademia Short Documentary Challenge?

Docademia Short Documentary Challenge is FREE and open to media makers around the world. Docademia especially encourages participants from the Global South (i.e. Africa, Central and Latin America, and most of Asia), whose voices have not been adequately heard in other parts of the world.

Who is NOT eligible to enter?

We will not consider films by

  1. governmental organizations and state officials of any country;
  2. political groups and parties with a partisan agenda;
  3. religious missionary groups and and persons who promote specific faiths;
  4. representatives of military or militia organizations.

When is the Challenge?

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What is the theme of the Challenge?

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What is the permitted running time for my film?

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Can I adapt a film I’ve been working on before?

Yes. As long as your film meets the criteria of the Docademia Short Documentary Challenge.

Does Docademia provide funding for cast, crew or other production costs?


What language does my film need to be in?

Your film can be in your native language. However, all films in a language other than English must provide English subtitles for all the texts and conversations in the film.

When will the finalists be announced?

Check the news section

How do I enter the Challenge?

Click here to get started on the challenge. Your submission will be considered as long as you meet our terms and conditions.

I have another question not listed here. How can I get my question answered?

Visit our contact page and sends us a message.