Together Apart

Together Apart is an intimate family portrait of two Igorot women from the Cordilleras, who left the Philippines to seek work abroad. As the most eastern outpost of the European Union, Cyprus has one of the lowest wages for migrant domestic helpers but still recruits large numbers of workers every year. Guil Ann, a twenty-five-year-old woman follows her own mother Carren to the other side of the world. Only months after mother and daughter reunite in Cyprus, unexpected events lead to Carren’s forced departure. After almost two decades abroad, Carren has to adjust to a new live in the Philippines, moving in with her older mother and youngest son while Guil Ann slowly realizes, that everyone is relying now on her income. Shifting between the temporary present and future imagination of serial migrants, the film is contemplating notions of self-hood, belonging and transnational motherhood, sharing insights into the complex web of global care chains beyond stereotypical narratives of victimization and sacrifice.

Produced by Manifest Media
Directed and Written by Maren Wickwire
Editing by Iara Rodriguez Vilardebó
Cinematography by Maren Wickwire

Year: 2018
Duration: 38:31
Country: Cyprus, Philippines
Language: English

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