The War

This is the first in a collaboration with spoken word poet and writer SorĂ© Agbaje. “The War” is short, mixed media, experimental film that incorporates live action footage, stop-motion animation and other animation techniques. Written and performed by SorĂ©, the poem which the film is based on, chronicles sexual harassment and the many ways men target and exploit their power over women on a daily basis. The metaphor of a war on women is extremely timely, as more and more women come forward to hold their harassers and abusers accountable for their actions. The #metoo movement has pushed sexual harassment and rape culture to the forefront of the cultural consciousness and finally, after long last, women are finally getting the justice that is long overdue. We hope this film will be a voice in a growing chorus of survivors, activist and warriors.

Year: 2017
Duration: 3:30
Country: USA
Language: English

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