Some in, Some out

It is undeniable that children are our future. But what happens if the children are unusual? For example, they have a disability? How do they differ from the kids of their age? Do they dream about something different? Do they laugh and cry in a different way? It is common practice for kids with disabilities to be abandoned and sent to live in an orphanage, to be separated from their peers in the school systems, to be constantly seen and treated as different.
This film shows what it looks like to live in a family and learn in an ordinary school for kids with disabilities. Showing the value of not dividing people into “some in” and “some out.” Children should grow up all together.
Children will tell about themselves. And about us.

Director: Olga Arlauskas
Year: 2014
Duration: 42:52
Country: Russia
Language: Russian, Subtitles in English

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