Watch a Film LIVE and Support Children’s Education


Are you looking for a great cause to support in this holiday season?
Join us on January 5th at 9:00 pm Eastern time.

Here’s what we’re planning. We’ll show “Footpath School”, a short and sweet 2014 documentary out of India about Kamal Parmar and his free education programs for underprivileged kids. Filmmaker Rihaan Patel will be there for a LIVE online Q&A session that’s bound to be informative and enlightening. Event tickets are only $5.


Here’s the best part of this event: all ticket proceeds (and any extra donations!) will help fund an educational project directed by Pouyesh-Shargh-Abaad, a non-profit organization based in Sistan and Baluchestan provinces in southeastern Iran. Your donation will serve impoverished children in Nourabad, Radochahi and Sefidkadorban villages in rural Sistan and Baluchestan, where volunteers from Pouyesh-Shargh-Abaad are working to help teachers improve their practices.

Our goal here is to get a conversation started about educational justice– and not just in India or Iran, but also in the US and other countries– and help connect like-minded people who want to make a difference in real children’s lives. There’s more in common between these countries than first appears.

If you’ve never tried us out, now’s the time. Your $5 will go to a great cause. You’ll meet new people. You’ll gain some new perspectives. Participate in our January 5th event and see for yourself how Docademia can connect you to filmmakers and cultures around the world!

Please join us and share your thoughts and experiences with us.