Nomads But Not

This documentary film focuses on, economic, social and cultural rights depriving people of attaining their basic needs, and acknowledges the importance of indigenous communities as guarantors and protectors of biodiversity. Has Nepal ratified both of these instruments? This special documentary shows how the yak farmer saved Sailung. Why is the Nepal government forcing farmers to relocate? How does this affect development and modernism? Are the people in this indigenous community going to change their profession? How will their relocation affect Sailung’s biodiversity? After they change their profession, can they improve their living standards? And what is the present market of Chhurpi (Product of Nuk’s milk)? What is the importance of Chauri in the balance of the ecosystem? How do all these process contribute towards the preservation of history, culture and rituals in Sailung?


Directed by: Govinda Nepal
Year: 2014
Duration: 22:14
Country: Nepal
Language: English


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