This short documentary tries to cover the “Natak” which is arranged by Jamdudhai Gaushala Mandal every year at the Dusshera (Indian festival). The festival happened in Jamdudhai Village, which is located in Jamnagar, Gujarat. We have tried to cover an act of drama also known as Bhavai, which is the traditional form of gujarati theater.
This Natak takes place in order to help cows, birds and other domestic animals get sufficient fodder, even during the times of droughts or other natural calamities. The animals are fed with green grass at every festival. This tradition was introduced by Maharaj Gopladas in 1941.


Directed by:Nishant Dalal & Sanket Chaturvedi
Year: 2016
Duration: 5:20
Country: India
Language: Gujarati


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