Mara and Kaja, Dolina, Sava River

This is a documentary short film about Mara and Kaja who live in the valley of the Sava River. The two sisters, aged 80, live alone and have no children. They live without electricity, telephones, television, radio or cell phones. “Nothing they do not need”, they say. They do not know who the president or prime minister are, nor do they care. They are used to the simple beauty of life. In today's world, we may not have everything we want, but if you look around, you will see that we have everything we need. Peace and tranquility, how can these be achieved? -Simplicity. To show how the wealth and excess led us to a position of dependence, restlessness, depression and anxiety. We forget the little things in life- spiritual feelings, love, time spent with family. The desire for 'more', 'better', and 'stronger', overrun us all. The term “normal man” has lost its meaning, we only have big and small people. The film shows the possibility of a simple life without technology. Some would say it is poverty, but are they right?


Directed by: Alen Kocic
Year: 2015
Duration: 15min
Country: Croatia
Language: Croatian


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