Leandro Bartoletti

film:The Other Magic


Leandro Andrés Bartoletti was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on October 31, 1977. He studied in the Center of Film Research (CIC). Additionally, he completed screenplay courses in the workshop of José Martínez Suárez and head of production at SICA with Professor Jorge Sívori.

He has written and directed twelve short films, and documentaries that were awarded nationally and internationally. Among these films are “The Secret Miracle” (Special Prize of the Jury at the II Ibero-American Festival of St. Paul), “With Sticks and Stones” (award Best Short film at the Festival of Cipoletti), “Los Senderos” (Best Screenplay award in the contest Borges and the Young People of the Culture Secretariat of the Nation) and “Kamikaze” (Best Short Story at the Festival Di Chiara Award).

He has also served as director of the cycle “Young artists Argentinians” (100 TV shows produced by the Ministry of Culture of the Nation and INCAATV), and as an Assistant Director, Producer and Editor in several short films and medium-length documentaries and advertising.

In 2014-2015, Bartoletti made his first feature-length documentary “SILO”, with a grant from the Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (Via 5) and it was selected for the section Work In Progress of the International Film Festival of Mar del Plata.
Bartoletti is currently working in the distribution of “Silo” and the development of project of the films “Captain Menganno” and “The other magic”.