Lara Jacoski & Patrick Belem

patrick-and-laraCountry: Thailand
film: I am Forever


Lara Jacoski and Patrick Belem are the duo behind Bem-te-vi Producoes, since 2012. They make projects, mainly documentaries, focusing on the making of independent high quality videos that are able to capture and reproduce ideas, thoughts, emotions and connections between different worlds. They have lived and produced content in Morocco, India, Bolivia, Peru, Thailand, Cambodia. They are currently based in Brazil.
Lara Jacoski, who is Brazilian, has been a filmmaker for 7 years. She has Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising. She lived in London for three years embracing the culture, studying cinema and making films for NGO’s, artists and art events.
Patrick Belem, is also Brazilian. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and he has also been a filmmaker for 7 years. Patrick is also a photographer and a musician. He has lived in Australia and Argentina meeting people, making art and working on farms in a volunteer basis.