Kiritin Beyer

Country:United States
film:A Trail of Pigment


Kiritin Beyer, a NY Emmy nominated filmmaker, was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her family eventually settled down in Cauterets located in the south of France.

After finishing High School, Kiritin moved to Paris where she joined the National Circus School, “L’Ecole National du Cirque Fratellini”. During her time at the Circus, she was exposed to the creative world of fascinating images that would heavily influence her photography career in the future. Besides other creative endeavors Kiritin was apart of during her days living in Paris, she chose photography as her tool of creation. She left Europe to pursue her photography career in America in 2003. Kiritin has shown her works in various galleries, in Paris, New York and Miami.

In 2005, she volunteered for the Tsunami Relief in India for six months and came back with several portraits of those who survived the natural disaster. In 2010, she volunteered in Haiti after “the earthquake” and was focusing on rebuilding a school in Carrefour. She returned to New York and established a fundraising program called “The Degand School” representing the families she met while in Haiti. In 2012, She won a fellowship at BRIC in Film. Later that same year Kiritin traveled to East Africa with artist Parris Jaru to film a short titled “Imagination is Creation” focusing on creating mural art in Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia. In 2014, Kiritin Beyer again collaborating with artist Parris Jaru, traveled to the north and south of India seeking to film the many provenances of natural colors and pigments. Specifically the pigments used for textile design, art and Ayurveda are the main focus of her latest film project titled “A Trail of Pigment”.


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