Bright and Dark

Anna, Julius, Lea and Céline are 10 years old. They perform together in the dance theatre piece “Minotaurus”. “Minotaurus is a symbol for being alone, and for rage …” (Lea). Three of the children mob the fourth into the deepest loneliness. At home in the privacy of their rooms, these middle-class children feel great. Everything seems to be fine. But still, they tell of fears and insecurity. They play with passion and simultaneously reflect on being un-free, and the imaginations of being grown ups. The film links the children’s private lives and quiet portraits with sequences from the exciting “Minotaurus” production. “The beginning of the play is bright, the end is dark” (Julius). Dance is sparsely interwoven as a black/white cipher for the turbulent relationships of the children and gives the story a framework that is presented as a generally applicable metaphor about being a child. Humour and Profoundness / Bright and Dark; a film for everybody aged 6 and older.


Directed by: Andrea Simon, Fabio Stoll
Year: 2014
Duration: 39:09
Country: Germany
Language: English


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