Awakening City

Awakening City presents a universal debate on the role of public spaces in contemporary cities- the conflicts of cars against people, malls against parks and squares, private against public, consumer against citizen, destructive urbanism against green areas. The documentary provides a set of international cases, strategies, and proposals aiming full implementation of the Right to the City. Blending the Essay Film style with experimental tones, Awakening City, the first film directed by Fernando Ramos, former Brazilian Critic, Scriptwriter, and Assistant Director, has been officially selected by more than 20 film festivals worldwide at festivals such as Maracaibo (Venezuela), 12thBlowUp Chicago, 13thChinese American (USA), Firestone International Experimental (Russia), Frames (India), Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne, 13thGreen Film Festival in Seoul, RapidLion (South Africa), Ammar Popular Film Festival (Iran), Raw Science (USA), Kolkata Wildlife and Environment (India), Barcelona Planet and New York Film Week.


Directed by:Fernando Ramos
Year: 2015
Duration: 1h:40m:06s
Country: Brazil
Language: English, Portuguese


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