fundraising events

Online Fundraising with Docademia

We offer online film events that include a film screening and a LIVE video chat session with the filmmakers.

You can book an Online Fundraising event with us, bring awareness to your local community, and raise cash for your social cause!

Arranging the Event

As soon as you book your Online Fundraising event with us, we at Docademia will make the film event happen through our virtual Adobe Connect movie room.

You can have as many sessions as you’d like with your selected movie, and each session can accommodate up to 100 people! We will also arrange the details and logistics to help the filmmaker join the sessions.

Your event will be featured on the Docademia website and Facebook page, and we'll send you the information and links to share with your community.

event tickets

The ticket to watch the movie and have a LIVE video chat with the filmmaker (no matter where in the world s/he lives!) is $15 per person. Tickets will be available on our website.

When you buy your ticket, you will receive an email with simple instructions (i.e. date and time of the event, add-to-calendar link, etc.) and a link to the virtual event room. No worries about your event getting forgotten; we'll send everyone a reminder email on the day of the screening.

The flow of the session

◊ Introducing the filmmaker, the film, and the cause of the event
◊ Screening of the film
◊ Q&A with the filmmaker (the filmmaker will be on video chat in the room, and the participants will be able to write, audio chat, or video chat to communicate with the filmmaker in the room)
◊ A brief presentation about your organization, your cause, and your call for donations!

Your gain

80% of the donation proceeds
Awareness raising on your cause through LIVE documentary screening
Support independent filmmakers; they receive 60% of the ticket sales

You’ll get ALL of this with NO hassle for your organization and $0 spending on your end!

What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose! Go ahead and book your next documentary screening and fundraising event with us to ensure that marginalized voices are heard by more and more people in our community.