Faculty Services

Docademia's goal is to support faculty members in engaging students in the debates on local and global social justice issues, connect them to real people who make films about the issues, and hopefully, inspire students to not only learn from diverse voices but also to take action on the issues via class projects and assignments.

Our services to faculty members include:

  1. Free membership to our Premium Collection:  the membership offers access to independent short documentaries on various social justice issues.  The topics include but not limited to gender and sexuality, human rights, minorities and discriminations, immigration, refugees, environment, urban issues, childhood, war, conflict, and peace, etc. 
  2. Free access to teaching materials for each film: each film series have a downloadable e-book/Kindle book with modules on each film in the series. Each module includes a brief about the film, filmmaker, and the background of the issue, discussion questions, case studies, annotated bibliography, and more.
  3. Facebook Live and forum discussions with the filmmakers: educators have access to the Faculty Lounge @Docademia group on Facebook to discuss the films. They could watch the movies and connect to the filmmaker to invite them to Facebook Live Q&A sessions or discussion forums in their classes. 
  4. Docademia Faculty Workshops: upon request by any academic unit including but not limited to departments, colleges, centers for teaching excellence, Docademia offers three levels of Faculty Workshops. The workshops provide opportunities for faculty members to review Docademia’s content, connect with independent filmmakers to discuss core issues in their films, and work on integrating these films into their courses.
  5. Joining as a Jury Member: We invite faculties and instructors to share their insights and opinions about the films by becoming jury members for the video selection process.
  6. Suggesting curated themes for future Film Competitions: A new social enterprise, Docademia encourages educators from different academic disciplines to suggest themes for future competitions.