For companies

Docademia is a membership platform that uses on-demand short documentaries and LIVE video conference with filmmaker-activists to take your organization’s commitment to issues related to diversity and inclusion to the next level. We help you enlighten your community via awareness raising on issues related to marginalizations that occur at the intersections of gender and sexuality, race, nationality, religion, language, disability, age, and other characteristics.

Our platform enriches your Lunch and Learn programs by watching, listening to, and learning from independent documentarians and filmmakers who come from ignored communities. An important aspect of Docademia is how it treasures the human connection made between the audience and the filmmakers through those LIVE video conferences. Currently, the platform connects over 2800+ local and global filmmakers from 112 countries around the world to audiences across North America.

Pricing: $5,000 for Annual Membership ($2,500 for organizations with 50 or fewer professionals); offering 4 Live on-demand Docademia Experiences tailored to the needs of your organization.

Docademia offers life-changing LIVE experiences to your community, help them better understand values related to a diverse environment, and inspire them to thrive for authentic inclusion.