Faculty Workshops

How many times have you struggled to find a documentary film that represents different aspects of a culture just to settle for a mediocre mainstream film with a narrow perspective? Isn’t it then a challenge to get students to reflect on anything more than “superiority of the American culture”(self) in comparison with the culture portrayed in the movie (other)?

Research suggests that employing documentary films as pedagogical tools uniquely informs a culturally and socially just approach and contributes to a sophisticated global vision for students (Polizzi & San Clementi, 2012). However, creating a space for a fruitful dialogue is a crucial component of such pedagogical packages along with a discussion with the filmmakers that would deepen the conversation.

Docademia provides authentic, curated films that address social issues based on people's lived experiences. We find local filmmakers to tell their stories, and we bring them to your classroom to cultivate a conversation with students. These films show a reality often missed by big budget productions, and bring a depth that engages the viewer. These films bridge that gap between “them” and “us” and help to foster our understanding of what it means to be human.  

Docademia’s Faculty Workshops offer opportunities for faculty members to review Docademia’s content, connect with independent filmmakers to discuss core issues in their films, and work on integrating these films into your courses.

If you would like to get price quotes, have questions about the program's details, or are interested in hosting a Docademia Faculty Workshop at your college or university, please contact us.


By the end of the workshop, the faculty members will:

- learn from and listen to authentic voices by watching documentary films and having a dynamic discussion with the filmmakers LIVE in the session.

- discuss the issues related to social justice through highlighting authentic case studies and examples of lived experiences.

- use global issues to connect with local problems in their community.

- brainstorm ideas on developing topic-based activities (i.e. discussion questions, case studies, etc.) for students to help them achieve a glocal approach on social justice issues.

- integrate the developed pedagogical packages (i.e. short documentaries and the topic-based activities) into their current syllabi.

workshop packages

Package #1: Let’s Change the Debate: An Overview of Docademia's Film Collection and Educational Packages

 (45-minutes  online workshop)

Session 1: Why Docademia? The Story of a Discussion on War & Peace
Session 2: Docademia’s Catalog & Pedagogical tools: Examples of topic-based activities and educational packages 

Package #2: Convert a Static Documentary into a Dynamic Dialogue (3-hours Workshop)

(3-hours Workshop)

Session 1:

- Introduction and Icebreakers

- Discussion and reflections on debates concerning "What's Wrong with Multiculturalism?" Or  “What's the Danger of a Single Story"?

- Small group discussion: Topic-based activities 

Session 2:

- Introducing the filmmaker and film screening

- Live video chat discussion with the filmmaker

- Closing comments and feedback on topic-based activities 

Package #3: Discuss & Develop; Use Docademia Pedagogical Tools to Upgrade Your Syllabi

(One-Day Workshop)

Session 1:

- Introduction and Icebreakers

- Discussion and reflections on debates concerning "What's Wrong with Multiculturalism?" Or  “What's the Danger of a Single Story"? (Small group activity)

Session 2:

- Introducing the filmmaker(s)

- Screening of the film

- Live video chat discussion with the filmmaker(s)

Lunch Break

Session 3:

- Small group discussion: Brainstorming on topic-based activities

- Developing and incorporating customized topic-based activities 

Session 4:

- Group feedback on topic-based activities

- Closing comments