Rajendra Dhamane

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film: I want to be a cop


Dr. Rajendra Dhamane is a social activist and works for Mauli Seva Pratishthan, an NGO which helps women who are mentally ill, have been raped or abused, are destitute, or dealing with other injustices. The NGO provides them with treatment, shelter, and/or rehabilitation, as well as assistance with childbirth and child care needs. Dr. Dhamane’s wife, Dr. Sucheta, assists with such tasks. These women’s experiences are an example of the severe human rights violations in India.
Dr. Dhamane is a creative writer, who writes in various regional newspapers, and has published books in the regional Marathi language, namely, “Khel,” which discusses the subject of AIDS patients’ lives, and “Kalsarpa.” This book has won the prestigious G.A. Kulkarni State Award for Excellence in Literature. Dr. Dhamane has also received several awards for his plays about topics such as lust, and gay marriage issues. “JANAA” was his debut film on a social issue. He is a passionate filmmaker, whose films were screened at venues such as the 2015 Festival Enter2Marches in Cannes, France, the 2015 Grenoble Film Festival in France, and the 2015 International Women’s Film Festival in Chennai, India.


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