Nishant Dalal & Sanket Chaturvedi

profile_pic Country: India
film: NATAK


Nishant Dalal is an indie filmmaker & editor from India, born and raised Ahmedabad. He gradutated with a degree in Commerce from Gujarat University and then, moving towards his dreams, he took a VFX course at Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC). Then, he joined a film direction course at Theater & Media Center (TMC) in Ahmedabad under the mentor-ship of veteran Director Mr. Hashmukh Baradi.
Nishant Dalal has pursued his dream of making films with creative aspects of filmmaking and storytelling. He enjoys the creative process of building and developing ideas, and he always go above what is required to satisfy his own standards. He started his own production house “DARK HEAVEN FILMS” in 2013. The films he makes, and the stories he tells reflect his experiences in life, his emotions and feelings, and the many worlds that reside within his imagination.

Sanket Chaturvedi was born in Kanpur, and grew up in Gujarat and Assam. He graduated with a degree in Engineering, but currently works as a freelance photographer. He took up photography as a profession after completing his graduation. He started working as an Interior photographer and then shifted to commercial photography. He finds inspiration in every day life. He likes to observe people and surroundings. He also likes writing down his experiences and feelings as poems or short stories. He finds inspiration in music and conversations.


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