Giovanna Carla Gia Balestra AKA Vulvah van Klitt

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film: Clitorissima


Giovanna Carla Balestra was born in Italy and grew up in the lush of Venetian countryside in Bassano del Grappa,60 Km from Venice Town. She was educated to inherit her family business in the jewelry industry. She later became a gemologist, and worked as gem dealer and jewelry designer for 15 years on the international market.
When her three year old niece had Clitoral Awareness in 1998, everyone in the family was shocked, and Giovanna Carla was accused by her own sister to be a child molester/child predator/”child clitoris instructor.” Wanting to clear herself from the finger pointing in the family, she proceeded to interview, all female members of her family by asking, “At what age and in which occasion did you have Clitoris Awareness?” Giovanna Carla discovered the deep abyss of sexual ignorance in which her family was living, and had to take action. Her findings about her family’s distorted sexual education, pushed her to interview more women in her circle of female friends with 2 simple questions: “At what age, and in which occasion did you have Clitoris Awareness?” She used the stories the heard from these women to create this documentary.
Living in Berlin facilitated her mission. In October 2013, three different events about sexuality were occurring in town. Giovanna got accreditation to go to these three events. She hired a camera woman to film the event and she put together one hour of amazing stories about Clitoral Awareness.
Clitorissima’s message is meant to encourage young mothers to talk to their pre-schooler daughters about the Clitoris and Clitoris Awareness at least as much as mothers speak about penises with boys. She wanted to use animated art media to integrate her filmed material and went on a quest to find best female animated art artist. This is how Clitorissima was born!


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